New in the Charities Sector

The Charities Regulatory Authority (CRA) was set up in response to the scandals about what was seen as excessive pay at the top levels of certain charities.

Formed under the Charities Act 2009, the CRA takes on the functions previously carried out by the Revenue Commissioners and the Commissioners of Charitable Donations and Bequests.

If you run a charity which had a Revenue CHY Number prior to the 16th of October 2014 you will be “deemed to be registered” with the CRA but will need to go to and provide certain information to them to complete your registration.

If have set up a charity since 16th October 2014 or you plan to set up a new charity you will need to go to and apply from scratch.  Currently you will need to liaise with both the Revenue Commissioners and the Charities Regulatory Authority (and, if you form a company, the Companies Registration Office) for charitable approval and tax exempt status: it is hoped that in the future this will be more streamlined.

The aim of this new body is to improve transparency and accountability (those lovely words) in the charities sector; accounts will be available to the public at no charge; the CRA has the power to remove executives who are seen as being paid excessively. They are trying to improve their service to the hardworking people who run charities and simplify the red tape so they welcome your feedback!

If you run a charity or are thinking of setting one up, contact us for advice 091 503 823.



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